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stopped this woman with the long dress the denim one I loved it you know how I say about brown and blues going together hi Lucy I'm Karen those new you okay so tell me what you're wearing and where you got it so I work for an accessories brand called Leffler and all so I'm wearing one oh yeah yes new season okay yeah Wang is our dress I'm sorry I know you're fine hey about to sell a lot of these dresses yeah I love the banner classic skunker yes I think I'm the hot act like earrings so these are also lovely Randall as well as my scrunchie so this is all by the same accessories brand mother I love how you're bringing the scrunchie back you Lily oh that tanner yeah I love that and this little pendant is beador rubble yeah it's necklace yes that okay that's that's beautiful dente you all right well I know I'll be going soon but you have an


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