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With the release of veteran safety Barry Church

and the talk from defensive tackle Malik Jackson knowing his time in Jacksonville is limited Josh Lambo Jersey , I?ve gotten a lot of questions about the Jacksonville..."With the release of veteran safety Barry Church and the talk from defensive tackle Malik Jackson knowing his time in Jacksonville is limited, I?ve gotten a lot of questions about the Jacksonville Jaguars salary cap and what it?s going to look like in 2019. A lot of fans seem to be concerned because as of right now, the Jaguars are projected to be over the cap which means they?ll need to shed salary to get under to make some moves.It?s not as dire straits as some would lead you to believe, especially since some of the salary shedding was already planned.First, the 2019 salary cap is going to grow by at least $10 million. That has already been announced, so to take the conservative route we will use that figure. With that figure, the Jaguars are projected to be $18 million over the cap. So you push that extra $10 million and now they?re sitting at $8 million over the cap. The aforementioned Barry Church shaves another $6.25 million which puts the Jaguars right around $2 million over the cap.As it stands as of the time of me writing this, the Jaguars also have $11 million in current cap room. I have not verified it just yet, but I believe that can be rolled over into 2019. For this exercise, we?re going to assume we cannot roll that $11 million over. If they can however, you can clearly see that puts them under the cap.Now http://www.thejaguarslockerroom.com/authentic-taven-bryan-jersey , going off where we currently stand at ($2M) the team can/will release Jackson for a cap savings of $11 million which would bring the Jaguars to $9 million in cap room. Now you release Blake Bortles, without the post-June 1 designation and eat all the dead cap now. That?s an additional $4.5 million savings at minimum, as Bortles has off-set language up to $6 million. That would bring the Jaguars cap space to roughly $13.5 million. Next you release Jermey Parnell for an additional savings of $6 million, bringing their cap room to $19.5 million.You can also do some things like release Austin Seferian-Jenkins for a savings of $4.75 million, Carlos Hyde for $4.75 million, Niles Paul for $2 million (Jaguars released Niles Paul today) and Tashaun Gipson for $7.45 million. I?m not sure if they do all of that, but if they do I also do not think it?s going to huge losses or players you cannot replace. That would bring their cap room to a total of $38.5 million. Mind you, this is not including any roll over whatsoever because I have no verified how much they have to do that, if any.This isn?t even making the big cuts some people expect like Calais Campbell (+$9.5 million) or Marcell Dareus (+$10.585M) or restructuring people like Dareus or A.J. Bouye. The latter you could restructure and get cap relief of around $8 million.So, as I just show, I created $38.5 million in cap room without losing any vital pieces on the Jaguars defense or offense and all positions they?d likely be replacing anyway. The Jaguars were never going to be expected to be big players in free agency in 2019 Womens Justin Blackmon Jersey , but that kind of room also allows you to sign a player or two if you see the need or re-sign some of your own players like Yannick Ngakoue or Jalen Ramsey. This is another reason why it makes the most sense for the Jaguars to draft a quarterback with the first round pick, getting the most important position on a cheap controlled contract going forward.So please, stop worrying about the salary cap or about how they need to blow up the roster. They don?t. Due to some communication issues, we are a little late on getting up our weekly Q&A with the enemy piece. But since we now have our responses in, look at it as some in-game reading as the W..."Due to some communication issues, we are a little late on getting up our weekly Q&A with the enemy piece. But since we now have our responses in, look at it as some in-game reading as the Washington Redskins and Jacksonville Jaguars have already kicked off. We spoke to Ken Meringolo of Hogs Heaven to gain some insights into the Washington Redskins. 1. Not unlike the Jaguars -- but in different ways -- the Redskins seem to be falling apart due to instability at the quarterback position following the brutal injury to Alex Smith. Colt McCoy is also now lost for the season, and the Mark Sanchez experiment didn?t go so well. Did you see anything from Josh Johnson last week that inspires confidence going forward? Ken: Ummmm....long answer no with an ?if,? short answer yes with a ?but.? Someone is going to play their way into our plans at quarterback, but that ain?t exactly a tall order. Smith counts $51 million against the cap still and Colt is likely our starter next season until either Smith or a rookie could get ready enough to play. A guy like Josh Johnson could play himself into that mix, but like I said...the Redskins are basically the last guy at the bar hoping there is still a lady left in the place they can take home. 2. Other than the obvious issues at quarterback Cam Robinson Jersey , are there other reasons the Redskins have lost four games in a row, or is this strictly on the signal-caller(s)? Ken: If only I could blame the quarterbacks for not tackling and getting outrun around the corner by anyone holding a ball in their hand. Our defense has fallen down mightily since a promising early season showing. We are young and strong up front, but our defense lacks speed and lately they have been showing a disdain for tackling...not really a great recipe for a happy holiday season. 3. Adrian Peterson has had a bit of a career renaissance at age 33. Given his history, how did Washington fans perceive Peterson when he was signed, and what is the general feeling regarding Peterson at this point in the season? Ken: I thought his signing was amazing. The fact a Hall of Famer was willing to come here and show our youngsters what working hard and playing hard looks like is awesome. He has been fun to root for, and I think Redskins fans are genuinely appreciative of his efforts. Our offensive line has been decimated, which has cut into his production, but he really is the best we could have hoped for when we lost...every single other running back on our team. 4. Are you expecting major changes with Jay Gruden and the coaching staff, as well as with Bruce Allen and the front office, at the end of the season? Why or why not? Ken: I have officially called the Bruce Allen era over. Dan Snyder needs to move on to the next team president/general manager and see if that new guy can right the ship. Since I believe you have to let a new guy pick everything, I would imagine the housecleaning on the sideline would be pretty complete http://www.thejaguarslockerroom.com/authentic-myles-jack-jersey , but when Redskins fans argue about Jay Gruden?s future, I just say that we are beating up the wrong topic. Gruden is not Washington?s problem. Bruce Allen is.5. This is obviously a tough question to answer and a very unfortunate circumstance, but from what you have heard, would you expect to see Alex Smith play for the Redskins -- or any NFL team -- again?Ken: The news is simply terrible and I just hope he comes home from the hospital to his family in one piece. Football is so far down the priority list for him right now. He is the kind of man that could come back, but doing so is going to take time and the prospects seem pretty slim right now. It?s tough from every angle...the team is very, very invested in Alex. Bonus: score prediction? Redskins 20, Jags 19Thank you to Ken for his thoughts and analysis.

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