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The more video streaming services we get

With the launch of the Paramount+, Australian consumers of video streaming are arguably drowning in choice.To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website.

We now have more than a dozen ?subscription video on demand? services to choose from, with many dozens more options available worldwide to anyone with a VPN to get around geoblocks.

But all this competition isn?t actually making things easier. It?s likely all this ?choice? will see more of us turning to piracy to watch our favourite films and televisions shows.

The problem is that services are competing (at least in part) through offering exclusive content and original programming.
Paramount+, for example, is offering content from Paramount Pictures and other entertainment companies owned by entertainment conglomerate ViaComCBS. These include Showtime, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. Its catalogue ranges from the Indiana Jones and Harry Potter movies to popular TV shows Dexter, NCIS and The Big Bang Theory.

This content may have been available on your preferred services. But the end goal ? as with Disney+ and others ? is for all ViaComCBS-owned content to be exclusive to Paramount+.

Here the problem for the consumer becomes evident. How many subscription services do you want to join? Subscribing to the six most popular video streaming services ? Netflix, Stan, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Binge, and Apple TV+ ? will cost you about $60 a month. How much more are you willing to pay for a new service to watch a favourites film or TV show now only that service?
Losing aggregation
The emergence of video streaming services such as Netflix was heralded as an effective way to curb illegal downloads. But how Netflix did this at first was in aggregating content. It provided a convenient, cost-effective and legal way to access a large catalogue of TV shows and movies; and consumers embraced it.

But as the streaming market has developed, the loss of content aggregation appears to be leading back to piracy.
Why should this be happening more for TV shows and movies and not for music?

There?s an important difference. Services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal offer you just about all the music there is. You don?t need to sign up to one to listen to The Beatles and another to hear Taylor Swift. You need only sign up to one.
Research has shown that a consumer?s willingness to pay is often anchored around the initial information they are exposed to. Viewers accustomed to paying for one streaming service might be reluctant to pay for as many as six.

In a survey of about 3,000 US TV watchers in February, 56% said they felt overwhelmed by the number of streaming services on offer.

Deloitte?s Australian Media Consumer Survey 2019 found that almost half of streaming video on demand subscribers said it was hard to know what content is available on what service. Three-quarters said they wanted the content in one place, rather than having to hunt through multiple services.
I understand the importance of using stream services during a lockdown. The Internet gives us the opportunity not to feel locked up. But there is a nuance. All such services require a payment for use. Yes, sometimes it can be a symbolic moment, sometimes it punches a hole in the budget. Do you know what I decided for myself? I will use the download lagu site only. This place gives me access to all the music on the net. I choose new items or what I listened to a couple of years ago. I will not pay a cent for frequent use of this resource.

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