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Women's German Oktoberfest Costume Adult Dirndl ..

The sheer quantity of cosplay walking acts alone puts this event at the forefront of German cosplay. Let yourself be swept away to new and familiar worlds. You will experience one of the highlights right at the entrance: A real firework display of your favourite characters will be waiting to greet you! All kinds of cosplay walking acts will welcome you in all their colourful glory and richness of themes. You?ll be able to feel right at home in your fantasy world and immediately immerse yourself in your community!

And also on stage, in the corridors or in the jury of the Cosplay Championship these very special guests ensure epic moments and encounters - you can look forward to many surprises! Your favourite character is certainly there, too.
It really depends on my costume. I always keep track of every euro i spend and every minute i spend on making the costume. The costume that took most hours is Inphyy from Ninety Nine Nights. It was my first time making armor so it was a lot of trial and error! (and a lot of tearsÖ.)
I think the quickest i ever made a costume was Korra from Avatar, which took me 15 hours from pattern to Completion. When iím really in the zone i tend to work hours non stop !
Gaming ! Iím such a geek for games haha! Sometimes i just need a break from crafting and what better way then to relax then play some Borderlands or Pokemon ! Another passion i have besides cosplaying, while itís closely related to cosplaying, is theater. Iím studying Theatrical Design and am so obsessed with how everything works, is made and designed ! I would highly recommend watching the Opera Turandot ! It was the first opera i ever saw but it changed me haha ! Trust me, even if you watch it just fort he costumes !
I love combining as much materials as possible in one costume. This results in my favorite costumes to craft being not armor or pure cloth, but the ďmonsterlyĒ costumes as i call them. A great example is the Cheshire Dress from Alice Madness Returns. Her dress is neither armor nor cloth, which makes it extra fun to think of a way to make it combining all the knowledge i had at the time ! Every time a new material comes out on the market, i get really excited to try it !

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