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The company once flirted with the possibility of bankruptcy at one point. However, a Coronavirus vaccine is looking like a real possibility in the coming quarters, following the surprisingly strong efficacy data for Pfizer?s PFE vaccine candidate which was released earlier this week. Since last year, I have decided to adopt "Cold Eye's" philosophy in trendy boutique market investment, in which I will treat buying shares in a company like doing the business with the company. Right now the only consoles you can buy are marked up to obscene price levels on sites like eBay and stockX, often multiple times their retail value of $400 or $500. I think Tambun is currently trading at a very attractive price but bear in mind that anything can happen in a bear market. I think may be it's because the more it went up, the more it will go down. Consider the S&P 500, down 28.28% between 2/14 and 3/20, but up 22.82% from March 20 and May 1, resulting in an overall return of -11.92% over the period. Similar to almost all property stocks, it is likely due to guarded outlook for property sector next year, coincides with overall bearish market. Will it breathe some life into property sector?

In a cautious property market when most people will only buy property for own occupation, buyers will certainly concentrate more on affordability & landed property, apart from strategic location. This makes Pearl City's property looks cheaper. However, I was quite surprise to see better-than-expected demand from its recent launch, which include the new apartment in Pearl City, Avenue Garden. However, my plan was just half-executed as I still haven't reduce its shares to my desired level to hold for long term. Keep an eye on $2.71, I close above this level would be very bullish for the short term. Should I sell for other growth stock or keep for good dividend? Tambun should give at least total 9.5sen dividend for its FY14, and it is still a good yield above 5% now. Tambun still has over 450 acres of undeveloped land left in Pearl City with approximately RM2.6bil GDV which can last for at least 4-5 years. 2009 - Select Comfort Corporation (SCSS) - Would have been Diedrich Coffee Inc. (DDRX) but Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. (GMCR) bought them out last week.

Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) - Shares of Netflix, Inc. pulled back a bit after hitting a new 52 week high on Thursday. When we last visited this stock back in April 4 2017 it was trading at $4.15 and I said to buy it. With expected softer property market in 2015, Tambun might not be able to sustain its outstanding growth shown in the last 2 years. For Tambun, its growth phase might be over and I have decided earlier to sell all of its shares in stages. Tambun might have an "outside chance" to sustain its RM100mil annual profit this year. As long as the company can keep on generating consistent profit or even better, growth, and giving good & consistent dividends, I will keep its shares for longer term unless it is way too overvalued. I'm still thinking whether to keep or sell my remaining Tambun shares. 5. If my child has not already had the H1N1 vaccine, but she has had the H1N1 flu, should she/he still get the vaccine? It may still go lower. Am I a fool for still holding on to Tambun? Then why does Tambun drop more than other property stocks? It is a massive 40% drop from its peak.

My paper gain for Tambun has gone down from 240% at peak to 100% at the moment. Shares are up 100% since Dec. 7, the day before the company reviewed data about its solid-state battery tests. Stamford Land also held up well this month as the company begin to buy back its shares from the market. However, with ample cash on hand, it is able to acquire new development land. Hiap Hoe and GK Goh, however, disappointed with their marked to market losses on investment in financial assets while Jardine C&C result missed estimates. For example, if your investment rate is too low, then it could be the result of poor investment planning. For example, terrible living conditions, poor healthcare, and insignificant education can contribute to increasing the rate at which the population decreases. It is also rumoured that Bank Negara may lower interest rate in the second half this year. What is the present value of this investment if our opportunity rate is 5%?

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