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Packers? final slate of games

With official numbers out Billy Turner Jersey , here?s exactly where the Packers sit against the cap."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections The APC PodcastPackers Film RoomFantasy Football AdviceCDTShareTweetShareSharePackers officially have $14 million in salary cap space, with $4.7M needed for draft classMark Hoffman-USA TODAY SportsAll of the runaround about the Green Bay Packers? cap space in the past week can come to an end right now. Thanks to the reporting of ESPN?s Field Yates, we have official cap numbers for every team in the NFL, and the Packers are pretty close to what we expected.In fact, the Packers? real cap number is a tiny bit better than what is currently projected by Over the Cap, and Spotrac, both of which have the team at just under $14 million. Yates? numbers have the team just over $14 million, at $14,004,669:Does this mean that the Packers can go out and splurge on a few more players? Probably not. As always Adrian Amos Jersey , teams need to reserve a little bit of cap space for their draft picks, and the Packers have ten selections in the 2019 NFL Draft, including two first-round picks.However, despite the total value of the Packers? draft pool coming in at $10.3 million ? a solid number, based on the NFL?s rookie wage scale ? the team only needs to reserve about $4.7 million in space to sign those players. This is because during the offseason, only the largest 51 contracts (in terms of current-year cap hit) count towards the cap. As a result, signing a draft pick drops another player down out of that Top 51 group, while some draft picks? contracts would not even make the Top 51.Here?s the full breakdown of the effective cap space required to sign the ten picks currently under the Packers? control:2019 Packers Draft CapRoundPick 2019 CapReplacesNet Cap Effect RoundPick 2019 CapReplacesNet Cap Effect In this table, you can clearly see that only the first seven draft picks would displace an existing contract off the Top 51 list. Furthermore, in the case of the third- Tramon Williams Jersey , fourth-, and fifth-round picks, the effective cap space needed to sign each player is less than $200,000.Totaling up the net cap effect of all these contracts brings the total to $4,717,318. Therefore, that is the minimum amount of cap space that the team must conserve in order to remain under the salary cap by signing players drafted in these ten slots ? at least for the offseason. The number may change if the Packers make any draft-day trades, but for now that number is effectively set in stone (give or take a few dollars here and there on individual contracts).Thus, with just over $14 million in total cap space and the need to retain about $4.7 million to sign the draft picks, the Packers still have a little over $9 million in leftover cap space ? $9 Jimmy Graham Jersey ,287,351, to be exact. As a team that likes to retain a few million each year for the regular season, Russ Ball has the Packers right on track for 2019. The Green Bay Packers clinched a third-place finish in the NFC North in week 16, thanks to their comeback victory over the New York Jets and the Detroit Lions? loss to the Minnesota Vikings. However, the Packers? 2019 opponents were not fully decided until after the completion of week 17?s games, thanks to two other divisions having their third-place teams in question.Now that we have the regular season games complete, we know who the Packers will play in 2019. The two games in question are now locked in, as Green Bay will play the San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers, who finished third in the NFC West and NFC South Muhammad Wilkerson Jersey , respectively.The 49ers ended the season 4-12 after losing to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday afternoon, finishing one game ahead of the 3-13 Arizona Cardinals, who lost to the Seattle Seahawks. Meanwhile, the NFC South standings were decided in the early games, when the Atlanta Falcons defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That left the Carolina Panthers in third place regardless of the result of their game against the New Orleans Saints, thanks to divisional record tiebreakers. For their part, Carolina defeated the Saints 33-14 with New Orleans sitting most of their key players.Thus, the Packers? final slate of games in 2019 is as follows:Home GamesChicago Bears (NFC North)Minnesota Vikings (NFC North)Detroit Lions (NFC North)Philadelphia Eagles (NFC East)Washington (NFC East)Denver Broncos (AFC West)Oakland Raiders (AFC West)Carolina Panthers (NFC South)Road GamesChicago Bears (NFC North)Minnesota Vikings (NFC North)Detroit Lions (NFC North)Dallas Cowboys (NFC East)New York Giants (NFC East)Los Angeles Chargers (AFC West)Kansas City Chiefs (AFC West)San Francisco 49ers (NFC West)

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