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Use sunscreen: Use sunscreen each

Use sunscreen: Use sunscreen each time you step out of the residence. The UV and UB rays are extraordinarily dangerous for the skin and can also lead to skin cancer. One needs to observe sunscreen even on cloudy days because the sunrays can penetrate through the clouds and damage you. Always use it 1/2 an hour before you step out and re-follow once more after 2-3 hours.

Keep all the emergency numbers on hand: In case something does show up to you, ensure you have all of the emergency numbers reachable. Keep them in which you may speedy get entry to them like on the refrigerator or centre desk. You may also set them as velocity dials to your telephone. In addition to that, in case you are at risk of some sickness let your friends and circle of relatives know approximately the medicine you are taking and their portions.


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