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Players Can Now Switch Covenants In The Latest World Of Wacraft Shadowlands Beta Build

world of warcraft necrolord maldraxxus bannerIn the upcoming World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion, choosing which Covenant to join will be one of the most important decisions you?ll make in the game since each Covenant offers different faction and class skills. Blizzard Entertainment, however, has just rolled out a new Shadowlands Beta build that will allow players to switch to a different Covenant whenever they feel like it. world of warcraft classic gold

According to Wowhead, switching to another Covenant is as easy as clicking on a few confirmation screens. Rejoining a Covenant will be a bit harder though. Players who want to switch back to a previous Covenant will have to complete a quest where they perform various tasks to regain the Covenant?s trust. In addition to the quest, Senior Game Designer Paul Kubit also said that they will be implementing some type of penalty for rejoining a Covenant to prevent players from switching back and forth too often.

?The specific penalty hasn't been determined, but I would imagine there is some period of time, say on the order of week and a half/two weeks, don't hold me on that, but something like that where you have to re-earn the trust that you lost with them,? said Kubit. ?Not impossible, something that you could do, very possible between raid seasons, but something which should be very difficult to do so you won't be incentivized to pick a different covenant for raid one week and Mythic+ the next, or one raid boss and then switch back over for another raid boss.?

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