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What should I do if my blood sugar is high?

If you have insulin therapy and your doctor tells you how to deal with hyperglycemia, follow those instructions. I think that people who are treating other than insulin therapy rarely have high blood sugar that requires special treatment, but when you have an illness such as an infectious disease, it is amazing. It may be. If your blood sugar is over 300 and your condition lasts more than 2 days, see a local doctor immediately. Also, in such a case, be aware of water and drink more.
What is the blood sugar (fasting blood glucose) test for?
Purpose of blood sugar (fasting blood sugar) test
Blood sugar is glucose in the blood.
Since blood sugar is used throughout the body as an energy source, it is constantly maintained at a constant concentration by the hormone insulin. An abnormal increase or decrease in blood sugar causes diabetes and other adverse effects on the body. This test is mainly used to diagnose diabetes.

16 Blood sugar type
The blood glucose level is measured at various times, such as before and after a meal, and the timing of the blood glucose level to be measured varies depending on the purpose.

Fasting blood sugar
Blood sugar level at any time
Blood glucose level after glucose tolerance test
Blood glucose level measured on an empty stomach after fasting for 10 hours or more. It is the value at which the blood sugar level becomes the lowest, and is used for diagnosis and judgment of therapeutic effect. Blood glucose level measured at any time regardless of diet. Blood glucose level measured by collecting blood at several times after taking 75 g of glucose in the glucose tolerance test. Fasting blood glucose and two hours after glucose loading are used to diagnose diabetes.


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