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Questions For Diabetics Like Me

Blood Sugar Range: Blood sugar range in the StrictionBP Review blood varies from time to time. When we wake up usually in normal condition it is between 80 to 120 mg/dl and rise after meals.The increased level of blood sugar above 140 mg/dl is considered to be the symptoms of diabetics which is also termed as Hyperglycemia. Excessive urination, Excessive thirst, Dehydration Nausea, and Vomiting are the common symptoms of Hyperglycemia. This can cause damage to nerves, blood vessels and other body organs.

Low level of sugar, below 70 is also dangerous. This low level of blood is also called Hypoglycemia. Shaking, sweating, hunger, Anxiety, dizziness is some symptoms of Hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia directly affects our brain. It reduces our brain's efficiency to work fast.Now these diseases are result of our bad habits which have developed over the years like having narcotics, excessive junk food, hectic life style etc. It's time for us to take corrective measure so that we can protect ourselves from these diseases. But if it's too late for you now to take those steps then various type of test are available through which you can find,you fall in which category? These tests are:

Has your 2-year toddler has been diagnosed with diabetes? I know how depressing it could be. But the good news here is there are choices and alternatives available that can control the signs of diabetes. This will ensure that your toddler has a healthy, happy and normal childhood.


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