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Impotence is a Common Complaint of Men With Type 2 Diabetes!

We classified diabetes as type I if the body StrictionD Review stops producing insulin or produces too little insulin to regulate blood glucose level. It comprises about 10% of total cases of diabetes. Type I is typically recognized in childhood or adolescence, this is what we called juvenile-onset diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Type I diabetes mellitus is usually occur in an individual this is because of the destruction of pancreas b alcohol, disease, or removal by surgery.

It can also be the result of progressive failure of the pancreatic beta cells-producer of insulin. In type II diabetes, this is the state wherein the pancreas secretes insulin but our body is unable to use that insulin. This is what we called insulin resistance. Our body tries to overcome the resistance by secreting more and more insulin. A person can develop diabetes type II if they have insulin resistance and they do not continue to secrete enough insulin to cope with the higher demands.

What are the diabetes symptons, for type 1 is often dramatic and come very suddenly it is usually recognized in childhood or early adolescence, it is often associated with an illness like virus or urinary tract infection and also injury. The extra stress can cause diabetic ketoacidosis which includes nausea and vomiting. If the ketoacidosis will not be treated it can lead to coma and death. For type 2 the diabetes symptons are often subtle and may be attributed to aging or obesity. In type II you can have diabetes without even knowing it, they can develop hyperglycemic hyperosmolar nonketotic symdrome. It can be precipitated by steroid and stress. If those diabetes symptons not be properly treated, it can lead to complications like blindness, kidney failure, heart disease and nerve damage. There are also major diabetes symptons for both major types of diabetes:


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