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Top 5+ Things That You Should Not Clean Too Often (and the Reasons Why)

When it comes to home cleaning, there are some things you should clean more often and some things you should clean less frequently. Can something be too clean? The problem is not the cleanliness itself but the act of cleaning. Wiping and scrubbing can shorten the lives of your appliances if you overdo it.

In this post, we will share a list of things you should not clean too much or more often than necessary. We also let you know why this is disadvantageous.

1. Wood furniture

You maintain the beautiful look of your furniture with special wood cleaners. Still, using them too often will likely leave behind an oily accumulation which draws dirt and dust. Instead, why not use these products once or twice a month? Between cleanings, use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down the furniture.

2. Bathroom mirror

These are vulnerable to humidity from the shower and bath steam as well as to persistent cleanings. Excess moisture can get behind your mirrors and ruin the backing. That is why cleaning the mirror as necessary is wise to prevent any moisture damage!

3. Carpets

Frequently cleaning your pile carpets, etc. is possible. You can and should regularly clean the carpeting and rugs using the best home vacuum cleaner. Therefore, be sure you are careful if you get things professionally cleaned. When you use professional cleaning services, you are accidentally adding more wear and tear to the carpeting fibers, thus harming the carpet and making it dirtier faster.

4. Your car

Though it is crucial to maintain the cleanliness of the outside of the vehicle, you may be overdoing it. Whenever you wash it, you get rid of some of the protective waxy outer layers. As soon as the coating is gone, the paint job risks being further damaged after each wash. It tends to cause web-like cracks in the paint.

Alternatively, wash the car once or twice per month. Also, have it waxed by a professional or at home at least once a year. This ensures excellent protection for your paint job.

5. Toys used only in the bath

The children's toys need regular cleaning. If you put the toys in the bathtub and do not remove them, cleaning these objects every day is a waste of time. Dipping the toys in white vinegar weakened by the addition of water once a month or so should be enough to take care of them.

6. Pre-washing dishes

It is unnecessary to pre-wash or pre-rinse your bowls, plates, and other dishes before you place them in your dishwasher. As per Consumer Reports, there is likely a sensor in the washer that helps identify the amount of mess in the machine and that provides the corresponding response. If you are pre-washing, the sensor may not be able to determine how much cleaning is required.

In general

Finding ways to reduce cleaning time (using the highest-rated vacuum, etc.) while still keeping a house neat and hygienic is always welcome. Believe it or not, you are probably cleaning some places or things in your space too often (though you might think the opposite). To fix that mistake, drop the broom, set down the sponge, and use the time you spent on cleaning to unwind and enjoy yourself!

Source: https://forums.sinsofasolarempire.com/494227/about-ship-designer

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